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Palestine Revisited

On December 8, a proposal was made by the United Arab Emirates that the United Nations Security Council would demand an immediate cease-fire to stop the current genoci...

Totally Incorrect - Muhammad Ali, War and Patriotism

With the United States pushing to start yet another war, a timely look at what patriotism really means and how resources can be better spent on other things than the b...

Totally Incorrect Episode 3

A quick look at the history of Palestine since the end of the Ottoman Empire and how the Palestinians have been screwed over by the British, French, Americans and Isra...

Totally Incorrect, Episode 2

This episode looks at a couple of religion issues - the latest "Religious Freedom" bill in Texas and the Satanic Temple.

Totally Incorrect! Episode 1

Welcome to Episode1 of Totally Incorrect! Mueller Report and Julian Assange are the topics.

Totally Incorrect! Preview

The NEW Totally Incorrect! podcast is coming soon. Check out this short intro!

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